Gateway v.2 in gateway tool v1

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Gateway v.2 in gateway tool v1

Beitragvon jonesy » 12. Oktober 2014, 08:43


my gateway is not working correctly in the gatewaytool it is identified as a gateway v1 (F8) with no current firmware.
when i go to the ip it says in the gatewaytool then it says evo a.i.o. gateway firmware 2.7.3 (F1).

the creator software can't find it but with the iqontrol app i can learn a coco switch but i cannot use it.

how do i fix this?

with regards

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Re: Gateway v.2 in gateway tool v1

Beitragvon kumpel1969 » 12. Oktober 2014, 19:05

Hello Jonathan,

please contakt the support guys from Mediola first. The will ask you to send them a few files. Normaly, they can fix your problem.

Best regards

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mediola a.i.o. creator-PRO und NEO
mediola a.i.o. gateway v.2 IR/RF
mediola a.i.o. extender IR/RF
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